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Start-up Companies

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Start-up Companies

When it comes to starting a new company there is a lot of paperwork to complete before your business is fully up and running. Along with bookkeeping, taxes and annual accounts; we can also help with the initial organisation and setup of your company. At 123 Accountancy Services on the Isle of Man, we can help to start you company and file all of the correct paperwork with the Isle of Man Treasury, Financial Services Authority and Customs and Excise. Additionally, we can help your company plot an outline of expected profits over the year, and plan ahead financially.

Starting up a new company can be an exciting and daunting process, and requires a lot of knowhow in regards to how companies must file and process their financial records. New companies also often require external funding in order to get on their feet, and whether this is a small loan from a loans company, or off of friends and family; it is important to make sure that you have a plan in place to pay back the money owed. This can include working out how much money it will cost to run your business (tools, equipment, wages, bills and many other things need to be taken into account), and how much your company would need to make in order to turn a profit and pay off the loan within the agreed time.

123 Accountancy Services can help your company avoid some of the major potholes that new businesses often face.

If you are looking for a professional accountant to help advise on the many challenges that you face as a start-up company on the Isle of Man, then look no further than 123 Accountancy Services. Give us a call now on 07624 423970, or send a message through the Contact Page.

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Accountants for Start-Ups Isle of Man